About Us

The period of time in which you are parenting a child, from being an expectant parent to sending them off to college, can be incredibly beautiful, but also incredibly confusing. Companies market the most expensive products to new parents, hoping they will equate price with quality. The most confusing time of all though, for both parent and baby, is childhood.

We created Keep Baby Close out of a desire to give new or expecting parents access to the very best information about child rearing. With our general advice as well as more specific articles on products and toys, we offer tips for raising your child to be the very best version of themselves in a stress-free, happy home.

Qualified Advice

One of the biggest pitfalls of searching for high-quality parenting information on the internet is it is very difficult to tell which sources are credible and trustworthy. With every piece of information we publish, our sources are checked and double-checked.

We base our information on the newest, most widely tested, and continuously proven data in child development. This is why our readers continue to trust KeepBabyClose.com to provide truthful, highly effective advice on everything from how to manage being an expecting parent to what kind of baby carrier is best for safety and cost.

We have years of research and experience in the field of child behavioral science and knowledge of the industries that market products to new parents in order to provide relevant, helpful information that you can trust.

What We Offer

Our two largest priorities are offering advice that is relevant, high quality, and effective, and keeping an eye on the industry to produce a range of articles that tackle any piece of information a new parent might need. Quality and variety are a big part of the mission we have managed to achieve in our years in the industry.

In the spirit of variety, our topics of expertise range from teaching skills and good habits to children, to knowing what products are best for each parent and child. Advertising can make it easy for companies to upsell parents on the most expensive new products out there, when they might be better suited for a different model or style.

Logging on to KeepBabyClose.com means you are here to read about what is best for you. Our writers and researchers know that every parent and child is different, so not every product is right for every situation. We offer parenting advice for baby and parents’ specific needs.

Our product reviews draw on years of industry research into the new devices and technologies that show long-term benefits and lowered risk. Safety, comfort, convenience, and cost are all factors we heavily consider when writing product reviews for baby-related products.

Your child is the most precious part of your life, and for that reason, we take what we do incredibly seriously. We work to continually grow our company to do more research and provide the newest innovations in child raising for you, our trusted readers.