The Best Baby Bath Tubs of 2018 Buyers Guide

Your baby deserves the best and should always be taken care of in the best way possible. One aspect that you may not put too much thought into is baby tubs. You want to be sure you are bathing your infant safely and making bath time as enjoyable for them as it can be.

A baby tub is a great solution for parents. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and there are some that fit kitchen sinks while others offer a full-size tub. You can invest in one that will stand alone on your countertop or one that fits nicely in your bathtub. There are so many options available making it difficult to decide which is the best option for you.

We’ve researched several products currently on the market and narrowed down this guide to include the top 4 baby tubs in 2018. We have created this guide to make the process of selecting a tub a breeze, but more importantly, give your child a fun, enjoyable bathing experience.

Best Rated Baby Bath Tub Overall

Our top pick had to be this small, lightweight tub for a few reasons. To begin, we can’t deny that this baby bathtub looks great! It has an elegant cute look and was designed for newborns up to about 12 months of age. If your baby is nearing the maximum age, we suggest considering a different tub since they will probably outgrow the Shnuggle.

Holding up to two liters of water, the weight of this tub (with water) is 7.3 pounds. Dimensions are 15 x 14 x 24 inches making it small enough to fit in most sinks! It has a large backrest made from warm foam and a non-slip grip. This tub will give your baby the support they need allowing you to use both hands when bathing your child.

A few other great benefits of this baby tub are it gives them the skills needed to sit. The unique shape of this tub will help your child start to sit. As they grow they will be able to use the extra space in the tub to sit and play. Perfect for all babies, the Shnuggle Compact tub gives your little one a fun, safe environment.


  • Compact size that fits most kitchen sinks
  • Grippy feet at the bottom prevents baby from sliding around
  • The upright sitting position helps your baby learn how to sit

Best Price Baby Bath Tubs

Next on our list is the First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe which holds up to 25 pounds and is made with a deep ergonomic design. It has a mesh sling inside the bathtub as well as a padded headrest for more support. There is no doubt that this tub offers amazing comfort for your little one.

Another reason this tub is among the best in 2018 is because it grows with your baby. The mesh hammock is made for newborns to hold them securely. It is machine washable giving you an easy way to clean it. For infants, you can remove the sling to give them a comfortable position with a recline. The bump on this tub will keep their bum from sliding down. Finally, your toddler will be able to sit on the straight backside and enjoy the room included to play.


  • Great for all ages
  • Designed to give your baby amazing comfort and support
  • Versatile seat – sits nicely on counter, floor, or regular bathtub


  • On the bigger side making storage an issue

This bath was made in the USA and is the largest and safest tub available. It offers two different positions – a reclining position for infants (0-6 months) and a sitting one for toddlers (6-24+ months). Its anatomical shape brings safety and great support for your child’s legs and forearms by keeping them in the right bathing position.

This tub will give you several years of use. It has two compartments to hold shampoo, sponges, and toys. It’s easy to drain, clean, and store. Sitting at the largest baby bathtub available, it measures 36 x 21 x 10 inches. It fits newborns all the way to 3-year-olds! It sits great on the floor, regular tub, and counter. We did find that it’s too big to work in a kitchen sink!


  • Versatile – fits infants all the way to 3 years
  • Extreme safety features
  • Spacious with two compartments to hold shampoo, toys, sponge, etc.  


  • Large – does not fit in kitchen sink

Cutest Baby Bath Tub

This bathtub is not your average type of infant bath. It has the shape of a lotus making it a fun alternative to traditional tubs. Fitting most sinks, this option is extremely soft and cuddly. Without a doubt, it will keep your baby both happy and relaxed during bath time.

This product is designed for infants 0 to 6 months old. It’s made from plush materials that give your child cushion that no other tub can. In comparison with hard, plastic options this one offers the most comfort. We recommend this tub for parents that like to bath their child in the kitchen sink.

This is our cutest selection in the shape of a beautiful lotus flower. It has four petals that give your baby support and comfort. It expands and contracts to fit in a variety of different sized sinks. Made from soft fabric and foam, this tub is easy to wash, dry, and store away.

One flaw that we did come across in this bath is that babies will grow out of quickly at about 6 months. Additionally, it doesn’t fit too well in larger sinks that measure 24” wide and 18” deep. If you have a regular kitchen sink, this won’t be a problem for you.


  • Made with soft, padded fabric
  • Great fit for kitchen sinks
  • Beautiful lotus flower design


  • Fits 0-6-month-old babies
  • More expensive than other options

Step by Step Guide on Bathing Your Baby

We hope this guide has helped narrow down your decision on the best baby bath tub for your child. The next step is learning how to bathe your child correctly. You can do so by following these 7 steps:

  • Organize yourself. Lay out a clean towel with a hood that you will be using after the bath. Be sure to have a diaper next to you as well and the clothes your baby will be wearing. Include a small toy just in case you need it while you dry and put clothes on your baby.
  • Room temperature. For obvious reasons, you want to be sure the room you’re bathing your child in is warm. This will ensure they stay warm after you take them out of the water.
  • Bath essentials. What type of shampoo and soap should you be using? We recommend you use a gentle bath soap and shampoo accompanied with a washcloth. Bring some plastic cups for pouring water.
  • Fill the tub. Your baby tub needs to be filled with 2-3 inches of warm water. It should be warmer than the temperature of the room, but not hot. If you are worried about this step, invest in a thermometer to help you out! You want the water to be around 92 degrees (F) or 33 degrees (C).
  • Place baby in the tub. Go in feet first, and be careful when you place your child into the tub. Support the head and neck paying close attention to hand placement. You want a firm grip on your baby, especially when taking out of the tub since they will be wet. Once they are inside the tub, don’t ever leave their side. Therefore, it’s important that you prepare everything before starting.
  • Use a cup or bucket. Fill a container with water to rinse the baby. To keep them from getting cold, continue to put water on them slowly. When washing their hair, use on hand on the forehead while you pour water onto their head. Use a little bit of soap (just enough to get them clean). Using too much can dry out their skin.
  • Take baby out of the tub. The entire process of bathing your child should only take about 5 minutes. After you’ve washed them you want to rinse your baby off using the cup. Don’t use water from the faucet as the temperature may change suddenly. If you do so, be sure to check the temperature before putting in on your child. After they are rinsed off, carefully take them out and place them onto the towel. Wrap them up to keep them cozy and gently pat them dry.

Using these steps will ensure your baby has a comfortable bath and it will make the process for you so much easier.

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