Ultimate Buying Guide For Getting The Perfect Baby Carrier

Ultimate Buying Guide For Getting The Perfect Baby Carrier

Buying the best baby carrier is never easy, considering how many options there are for you. What type should I get? Does the fabric matter? Is my baby even old enough for this kind of carrier?

When it comes to babies, there’s never anything such as “too careful.” The wrong choice may be extremely harmful to your baby, who is only just developing.

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This buying guide will give you some hints as to what to look for when buying the ultimate baby carrier. From buying tips to recommendations taken from baby carrier reviews, the world has spoken to help out every parent in need.

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Best Baby Carrier

Winner: Ergobaby Cool Air 360

Runner Up: Babybjorn One Air

​Best Baby Sling Carrier

Lillebaby Ring Sling

Best Baby Wrap Carrier

Ergobaby 4D Stretch

Best Baby Backpack Carrier

TwinGo Original

The Advantages Of A Baby Carrier

Picture this: you have your baby in your arms, and you’re afraid of putting him or her down because every movement may make him or her wake up. You decide that during this time, you may as well brew a cup of tea to relax a bit.

However, you get into the kitchen and realize that you can’t do that because “surprise!” You’re holding the baby.

Woman Carrying Baby In Carrier

A baby carrier will prevent such an awkward situation, and it will actually be good for your relationship with your child. Babywearing enables the mother to be fully aware of any signals and cues from the infant – things that would not be possible if you’d always carry the baby in a stroller.

Furthermore, various studies show that babies who are “worn” by their parents are 50% less likely to start fussing and crying.

When a child is in close physical contact with their parent, they enter a rich learning environment. In this environment, all of their needs can be met – the need for touch, the need for warmth and the need for food.

A carried baby will be able to learn much easier, expand their future potential and stimulate the development of their brain. Furthermore, the best baby carrier may also:

  • Provide the stimulation that your baby needs, energize the nervous system, but also create a calm, quiet alertness within the baby
  • Increase the infant’s cardiac output, improve their blood circulation, promote good digestion, and aid in respiratory issues
  • Enhance the baby’s motor skills through stimulation of the vestibular system. This happens after the baby is exposed to various sounds, sights, and motion
  • Decrease stress hormone levels in the baby, making him or her more relaxed and overall happier
  • Provide quick access to the baby’s food source – breast milk – without having to stop and sit to breastfeed him/her

A baby that is frequently carried will be able to fall asleep much faster, and they will also be able to enter a deeper state of sleep while in their sling. They will feel safe and secure, which will actually help in their own development.

Is The Baby Carrier For You?

This is a question that every parent asks themselves at some point: do I really need a baby carrier? Well, the answer is debatable: you don’t need it to survive, although it will make your life much easier.

Man Holding Baby In Carrier

It’s still a fact that sometimes, babywearing isn’t the same for everyone. Before putting the money down for the one you’ve been told is the best baby carrier, you may want to consider these questions first:

  • Is the baby carrier comfortable for both you and your baby?
  • Can you place the baby in the carrier all by yourself or do you need help?
  • Does the carrier support the baby’s natural hip and spine development?
  • Can you nurse the baby while he/she is in the carrier?
  • Can you use it from the moment that the baby is born?
  • How long will the baby be able to fit into this carrier?
  • Does it enable skin-to-skin contact?

If you have positive answers for all of these questions, then yes: that baby carrier is for you.

What To Look For In A Baby Carrier

As mentioned, the best baby carrier is never easy to pick out. There are so many things to consider that you don’t even know where to start. Lucky for you, we know where to start for you:


Do you just want to make breastfeeding much easier or do you simply want to be able to move around much faster? The type of baby carrier that you have will greatly influence the way you use it.

For instance, a sling or wrap carrier is perfect for newborn babies, since it will make breastfeeding much easier.

On the other hand, if your baby is already old enough to support his/her head, then a backpack style carrier may be more useful for you; it will allow you to carry the baby on your back as you are going on with your business. So, before anything else, think about the purpose of the carrier.

Baby And Parent Comfort

The best baby carrier needs to be comfortable for both the parent and the baby. An uncomfortable carrier will leave you with back and shoulder pain if used for too long.

Parents Carrying Kids In Baby Carrier

The same thing applies for the baby; if he/she is uncomfortable, not only will he/she fuss and be unable to sleep, but you will also risk his/her health. The danger of hip dysplasia is very high, especially if the baby is young, which is why you have to make sure he/she is as comfortable as possible.

Length Of Use

How long will you be wearing that baby carrier? Will it be comfortable enough to keep it on at all times, or will you have to take it off for various reasons quite often?

Also, how long will you be able to use it until your baby grows out of it? The best baby carrier will usually allow you to adjust it for comfort on the long run.


In how many ways can you use the carrier? Can you transform it from a baby back carrier to a front one?

Usually, a baby cloth carrier is the most versatile one, since it can be adjusted to fit the baby’s weight. The same cloth can be adjusted for breastfeeding and for your baby to see the world.

Multiple Carriers

Finding a carrier for one baby is one thing; but what if you have twins? What if one needs to be carried at the exact same moment as the other one? In those cases, you may want to look for a carrier that can support more than one baby: one in the back and one in the front.

The best twin baby carrier can also be hip-positioned – one baby on the left and one baby on the right. The idea of such a carrier is to make sure that the weight is balanced and that it won’t cause you discomfort to your back and shoulder.

Baby Phase Vs. Toddler Phase

Do you plan on using it just in the baby phase, or do you want it to go in the toddler phase as well? Keep in mind that newborn babies will need more support, which is why you may want to invest in a wrap or sling-style baby carrier.

Toddler Feeding Baby

Keep in mind that the older your child gets, the more he/she will love being carried on your back rather than on your chest. You may want to find a baby carrier seat that enables both front and back carrying.

Ease Of Use

We all love getting fancy gadgets with all kinds of convenient straps and buckles, but if “buckling up” seems to be an everyday adventure, there will be times when you will deliberately avoid using it.

In order to prevent that, you need to choose a carrier that you can actually use by yourself, without involving the rest of the family to strap your baby on you.

Pockets and zippers all look fancy, but in the end, simple is always better. Caring for a baby is already difficult enough as it is, so you may want to look for something that needs as little adjustment as possible.

Weather Appropriate

Babies are very sensitive to bad weather, so you may want to make sure that the carrier you are getting for them will not permit them to be cold or wet. A cloth baby carrier won’t do you any good if the weather is constantly bad, with rain or snowfall.

In these circumstances, you may want to opt for a baby carrier that has a waterproof cover – one that will ideally keep your child warm as well. Usually, nylon covers are the most recommended for bad weather.

Also, you must keep in mind that if the area you live in is always hot and sunny, your baby’s skin won’t be able to breathe through polyester or nylon fabrics – so you may want to steer clear of those.

Baby Sleeping In Baby Carrier

The best baby wrap carrier may be a more convenient option since it will let their skin breathe – especially if it’s made from cotton.

Easy To Clean

Just think about it: these baby carriers will be spit on, drooled on, thrown together with the diapers, so they have to be easy to clean. The best baby carrier should enable you to just throw it in the washer and dryer, but should also allow you to clean just certain spots.

Look for baby carriers that have special “bibs” that can be removed and cleaned. Moreover, the fabric will have to be fairly absorbent to prevent any spilling.


Before you purchase a baby carrier, make sure that the materials are durable and that all the straps and buckles will be able to hold onto your baby’s weight without breaking down.

Our Recommendations

You have made an idea about what to look for in a baby carrier, but you still don’t know which one to pick. Well, here are a few suggestions from mommies and daddies who bought certain products and attested to their ease of use.

Best Baby Carrier – Winner: Ergobaby Cool Air 360

Every parent looking for something lightweight, breathable, and super comfortable should give Ergobaby Cool Air 360 a try. This is the best baby carrier for the simple reason that you can use it in a front position, a back one, but also on the hip. It has a modern design that can be easily put on – without having to call on anyone else’s help.



  • It’s easily adjustable by means of buttons
  • The comfortable padding makes it great to wear for both the parent and the baby
  • It has four seating positions: front face-in, front face-out, back, and hip
  • It easily protects against bad weather
  • The polyester fabric and padding is fairly thick, so it can be easy for the baby to overheat if it’s hot outside

This baby carrier is very comfortable to wear but it is also very compact once you fold it. The smart design uses no more fabric than it needs, and it can be easily folded to fit in a bag.

Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier

Source: shop.ergobaby.com


This item can also be transformed into a baby front carrier by simply lowering the upper fabric. The design itself is outdoorsy, sporty, made from a lightweight synthetic fabric that is soft, yet stiff and sturdy, like a backpack would be.

The design was also made to protect the baby’s hips and allow them to sit in an “M” position. This way, the risk of developing hip dysplasia will be reduced, and your baby’s legs will not dangle uncomfortably.

While it may not be a sling-type carrier, this product is the perfect one for newborn babies. The adjustable back latch can be brought up to support the baby’s head. It’s also simple to strap on, with only a few sturdy buttons that you will have to fasten.

Best Baby Carrier – Runner Up: Babybjorn One Air

This is the kind of carrier that you will love wearing during the warm season. The One air was made with a sporty design that is perfect for mommies and daddies that are always on the run.



  • The breathable 3D mesh makes it comfortable for summer wearing
  • The construction makes it easy for you to carry it around, fold it, or throw it in a bag
  • It offers great head support for newborn babies
  • The padding makes it comfortable for both the parent and the baby
  • It might get heavy when the baby grows. While the average person may not have problems with it, a petite one may find it difficult to wear it for an extended time

What makes this baby carrier so great for summer is the fact that the fabric was woven from a very breathable 3D mesh that helps reduce moisture and heat. Your baby will be safe from the heat as the mesh gently curls around his/her body, offering him/her all the support that he/she needs.

Babybjorn One Air On White Background

Source: babybjorn.ca


This baby carrier is perfect for newborns, due to the fact that it has an easily adjustable head support that will firmly hold your baby’s head in a correct position. Plus, it’s so comfortable that your baby will probably doze off the moment you settle him/her into the carrier.

The carrier supports a correct spine position but also keeps the legs close to the parent’s body. This way, the risk of hip dysplasia in the baby is prevented, and your child will always have a big smile on the face.

Best Baby Sling Carrier: Lillebaby Ring Sling

If you are on the lookout for the best baby sling carrier, then this Lillebaby one should definitely do the trick. Not only is it very stylish, but it’s extremely comfortable as well.



  • Stylish design with beautiful engravings
  • Lightweight construction, but can support up to 33 pounds
  • Breathable fabric makes it perfect for summer use
  • Easily adjustable alloy rings
  • You have to adjust it yourself, so it may not be as supportive if you do not know how to use it
  • Doesn’t come in other colors

Considering that it was made from 100% premium linen, the carrier is soft, breathable, and most of all, supportive.

Lillebaby Ring Sling Baby Carrier Pomegranate Package

Source: lillebaby.com


The baby carrier is equipped with alloy rings that have been beautifully engraved and are very easy to adjust. The metal is also very sturdy and durable, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking.

This sling is perfect for newborns, and it can support anything from 7 pounds to 33 pounds – so if your child is a toddler, you can also carry him/her with this. It’s a very beautiful way of keeping your little bundle of joy closer to your heart.

Best Baby Wrap Carrier: Ergobaby 4D Stretch

If you want something very comfortable and supportive, then a wrap design will probably prove to be the best baby carrier for you.



  • The soft material makes it very comfortable to wear
  • The lightweight cotton fabric is breathable, making it perfect for summer use
  • It doesn’t take up too much space
  • Stylish design
  • Can be a hassle to put on each time you want to carry the baby

The ultra soft fabric with a 4D stretch will go around you and the baby perfectly, all while providing superior support for both of you.

This wrap can easily hold infants and toddlers weighing 8 to 35 pounds, and they can be easily adjusted as the child grows.

Ergobaby 4D Stretch Baby Carrier

Source: shop.ergobaby.com


This baby wrap works by an easy 50-way tie – and you can tie it before you place the baby in the wrap. Furthermore, it has an extra padding for the baby’s back that will make sure that your child stays in a correct position.

Made from 95% and 5% elastane, this baby wrap carrier is very breathable and will hug both you and your baby closely. There is no better way of staying close to your little one than wrapping them around your heart.

Best Baby Backpack Carrier: TwinGo Original

This baby carrier is perfect if you’re the lucky parent of two babies. Twins are usually in tandem when it comes to crying and throwing a fuss, and sadly, we only have one set of arms.



  • Practical product by allowing you to carry two children at the same time
  • It offers great support for both the parent and the baby
  • Very comfortable even if used for a longer time
  • May not be a very good choice for children under the age of 5 months

This is exactly why this twin baby carrier is so convenient. Its ergonomic design allows you to wear one child in the front while the other one stays in the back. The weight will, therefore, be evenly distributed so that you may have a sense of balance.

TwinGo Original Baby Carrier

Source: twingocarrier.com


Not only is this carrier more practical than two separate carriers, but it’s also more economical. It’s fairly priced, and it’s a great deal for a product that is so easy to use. The straps allow for a custom fit, and generally, one size fits all.

The support offered is superior, with a design that prevents the apparition of hip dysplasia. The legs of both children will go around the parent’s waist to prevent any “dangling situations.”

It’s definitely the best baby backpack carrier that you can get your hands on.


No matter if you are looking for the best forward facing baby carrier or simply want something to keep your precious ray of sunshine wrapped around you, one of the choices above will surely be a very useful acquisition for you.

Indeed, it’s not very easy to pick out the best baby carrier; however, with some expert advice coming from people who actually used these products, you will definitely find the perfect fit for you and your child as well.

In the end, you will want to go for something that is versatile, simple, and supportive. Plus, you don’t want every “buckling in” to be a hassle, so you should look for something that you can adjust yourself. A baby carrier is supposed to help you, not bring you even more trouble.

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