Boba 4G Baby Carrier Review

Most baby carriers are very very obvious to spot in a crowd. It’s not that we don’t want the world to see our little miracles but sometimes it would be nice to blend in with the crowd.

Without any explanation or context, you would be hard pressed to figure out what exactly the Boba 4G Carrier is at first glance. It looks so sleek and modern with a classy gray scale color palette. Like a new type of travel bag you would buy at Ikea or H&M. This is an extremely functional, yet simplistic baby carrier and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

About The Product

When you see the Boba 4G carrier in action you will immediately notice that it brings to mind images of a cocoon. You simply can’t see any way that a baby could be harmed nestled inside it, against their parent’s body. If safety is any kind of concern to you, this carrier will instantly brush them away.

The second thing you will notice is just how simple and straightforward it is, yet how sturdy it looks. There isn’t too much going on in terms of straps and cut outs and separations or compartments. I don’t believe that this is because of a lack of quality, simply a rethink of priorities.

The material is made of cotton to be comfortable and not build up too much heat and doesn’t contain any other harmful materials. It’s made to carry babies with a minimum weight of 7 pounds up to a maximum 45, which usually means ages 0-48 months. If their word isn’t enough this carrier is certified by a number of independent bodies.

The carrier allows you to carry your baby either in front of you or on your back and the simple design allows for easy adaptation to both positions. Its body is a bit lengthier than most other products to provide extra neck and head support for your baby. It only comes with removable foot straps to allow your child to free their legs.

Ergonomics are built into this carrier at almost every level. The shoulder and waist straps are adjustable to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. The waistband is thick and contoured to displace most of the weight here and free up your shoulders and back.

If you have ever carried a baby around with you, you know how hard it is to keep track of your angel and all his or her needs. The Boba 4G comes with some handy extras to help you out, such as pockets and a shoulder strap to keep your purse securely against your body. It also comes with an adjustable breastfeeding strap.

A neat little extra is a removable hood, extremely useful to protect your baby's sensitive skin from the sun, wind, or a little rain.

Here are just some of the benefits this baby carrier offers:

● A sleek, modern, and toned down design that is suitable for all types of outings and is gender neutral.

● Good distribution of weight from the shoulders and back to the hips.

● The removable hood is a very nice touch indeed.

● Adjustable straps to easily conform to different wearers body. Give dad his turn too.

● Its cocoon like design will settle all your nerves around your baby's safety.

● The added neck support is overlooked in many other products.

The Results

When you are a parent nothing is more important to you than the safety of your child. You want your baby carrier to take away from your worries and doubts, not pile them on. Even if it’s just a placebo effect, you want the look and feel of your carrier to be reassuring as long as it has the quality to back it up. Which in this case, it does.

Since using the Boba 4G carrier I really feel as if my baby is cradled safely against me, with absolutely zero percent chance of anything happening to them. The cocoon analogy is really the perfect way to describe it.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure about this carrier at first. It looks very different from most products on the market and I was worried that it just looked too simple to be any good. However, after using it a while almost all my concerns are put away. Even though it’s straightforward, it doesn’t take away from it’s comfort, usability, or support. If anything, it adds to it.

We often neglect to think of ourselves when we buy a product like this, but why compromise on your health and comfort if you don’t have to? The Boba 4G supports your body just as much as your baby’s and does an excellent job of keeping your posture right.

What other people say

Don’t just listen to me blabbering on and on. One of the best benefits of shopping around online is that you have access to so many opinions from first-hand accounts.

We can honestly say that the user feedback for this product is overwhelmingly positive. It is very hard to find any scathing reviews of the Boba 4G. The compliments they rave about most frequently are how well it adjusts to different body types, how comfortable it is to wear during all kinds of activities, and its stylishness.

It seems that this product is a top choice among active parents that love to hike.

What We Like

We have mentioned it a few times so it comes as no surprise that we love the style of this carrier.

However, style is a nice to have and the features we find most appealing is just how supportive and adjustable this product is, especially when worn for long periods of time of being active. The added neck support is also a fantastic trait that is surprisingly hard to find.

What We Don’t Like

We had to dig really hard to find anything off with this product, and indeed what it does come with seems to be almost flawless.

The biggest problem we had that you can’t carry your child facing outwards. I am a big fan of letting my baby see the world as I go about my day and sometimes it’s just way more comfortable.

Buying Advice

Most places sell the Boba 4G baby carrier for $140 give or take a few dollars. It is meant to come with inserts, the removable hood, and foot straps out of the box so make sure you get those with your Boba.

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