Lillebaby Ring Sling Baby Carrier Review

Lillebaby Ring Sling Baby Carrier Review

When you are a mom, the words “elegant” and “baby” can never be placed in the same sentence. Babies are messy, they fuss around a lot, they make you lose sleep, and they drool on your favorite blouse.

But now and then, you still want to look fancy and hide all the milk spots on you – which is why a baby carrier such as the Lillebaby ring sling baby carrier is such a heaven-sent design. Let’s see what it has to offer us!

About The Product

Sling baby carriers are a great way to nurture the closeness between you and your baby. They have this way of enabling skin to skin contact, and they will make you feel as if you are really hugging your baby with both hands – even if in truth, your hands are free to do anything you want.

Woman Carrying Child In Lillebaby Ring Sling Baby Carrier

This baby carrier is the perfect thing for infants since it will offer all the support that you need while keeping the baby in a healthy position. Since the feet will not be allowed to dangle, there will be no risk of hip dysplasia; it will literally feel as if you are hugging the baby close to your heart.

The sling carrier also has a removable pocket pouch where you can store things – a feature that will truly provide you a superior hands-free experience. You may also go for the optional padding that will offer you an extra layer of comfort between the rings and your shoulder. For a more detailed list of features, here’s what the Lillebaby sling carrier has to offer you:

  • Removable pocket for you to store small items into
  • 100% premium, natural linen fabric to provide you a supportive yet soft carry
  • Beautiful, silky-looking design with engraved golden alloy rings that are easy to adjust and very durable
  • Perfect for children spanning from newborns to toddlers. Can hold up to 33 pounds
  • Contrasting edge allows you to simplify the tightening process
  • One size fits most

This sling baby carrier is a very beautiful way to keep your precious ray of sunshine close to your heart and protect them while you are taking care of your daily chores.

The Results

At first, I wasn’t sure whether or not getting a sling carrier would be a good idea since I knew I would have to do all the adjusting myself. However, this one looked so nice and lightweight that I simply could not say “no” to the opportunity.

The color graduation, while one may think was put there for “fashion reasons,” actually had a smart reason behind it: it made it easier for us to figure out which part of the tail we had to tighten or pull.

The linen fabric was very comfortable and breathable, which made it great for summer use. I had polyester carriers that would cause us to sweat, and I could no longer use them; however, with this one, the air could pass through, and the skin could breathe.

Woman Wearing Lillebaby Ring Sling Baby Carrier

The golden rings are extremely beautiful. The engravings make it look very fancy – sort of like you are wearing a shawl; only you would be wearing a baby in it. Once I was done with it, I could easily fit it into my baby’s diaper bag.

What Other People Say

Most people compliment this baby carrier for the fact that it’s so pretty and has a high-quality fabric. It’s thick but not too thick, and fancy but not too showy.

They liked the fact that it doesn’t have so many harnesses, straps and inconvenient zippers like most baby carriers have. All you have to do is to slip the end of the cloth through the ring, position the baby and tighten it until it is comfortable for both of you.

The general advice is, however, to not purchase a sling carrier unless you know the technique behind positioning it properly. I have to admit that it also took me a couple of tries until I got around the technique, so I can’t disagree with them on that.

What We Like

“It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” No, seriously; the fabric is so soft that I literally feel like I’m surrounded by fluff. I first thought that linen would be harder on my skin, but it was so nice and cozy that I barely wanted to take it off.

Plus, it’s fancy. I can finally go out no longer looking like the mommy troll that just escaped the hospital. Now I look like the fancy rich mommy that took her princess for a stroll – and the sling wasn’t even that expensive.

I also love the pouch, since it allows me to slip in things such as the pacifier or my cell phone.

What We Don’t Like

It’s made from linen, and it’s comfortable, but it will shed tiny dust-like fibers on my clothes. It’s probably not enough to be harmful to the baby, but you may want to be careful about them chewing or putting their hands in their mouth.

Lillebaby Ring Sling Baby Carrier Pomegranate Package


Buying Advice

For just a little under $100, this beautiful sling baby carrier can be bought on Amazon, and you can also get free shipping on it – which is very convenient if you do not live close to their headquarters.

Plus, if you’re patient and stalk look through price changes and newsletters, you may also get a fairly good discount (since Amazon releases coupon codes regularly).

Final Thoughts

This is a baby carrier that is literally loaded with sleep dust. My baby enjoys it and falls asleep right away in it, and I can finally do some chores. It’s very comfortable, and I could go for a long time wearing it (and the baby) without wanting to take it off.

I’d definitely recommend this to you if you are looking for something that is both pretty and effective. It’s very easy to use, and it will bring you even closer to your baby each time you carry him/her.

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