TwinGo Original Baby Carrier Review

TwinGo Original Baby Carrier Review

Twins are never easy to handle. One child is difficult enough as it is, but when you have two of them fighting for the undivided attention of their mother, things can get noisy pretty fast.

Unless you can grow two more hands and carry the other child as well, you can be sure that they won’t stop fussing and crying.

Woman Carrying Kids In Baby Carrier

This is why TwinGo came up with a carrier that can hold two babies at the same time. With one baby in the front and another one in the back, it will be easy for you to carry them and do some chores in the meantime.

About The Product

TwinGo was made for parents with twins or two children close in age; however, this is the kind of backpack carrier that can also be used for one-child carrying. By separating the two, one parent can carry one child while the other parent can carry the other child.

However, if you decide to be the super mom or super dad and carry both of them at the same time, rest assured that the design was made to be fully comfortable for you. Since the weight is placed evenly on both shoulders on the front and the back, you will be in complete equilibrium.

The ergonomic design is perfect for the healthy development of both babies. Since their feet will be going around the waist of the carrier, they will be completely safe from developing hip dysplasia. Both their hips and spine will be completely supported, and you may have some peace of mind.

This baby carrier is also adjustable for every size. Therefore, even if the wife is petite and the husband is well-built, both can wear the baby carrier. All you’ll have to do is adjust the shoulder straps and the waist.

This baby carrier was made with the child’s health in mind, but it’s also comfortable for the parent. Overall, here is a summary of the product’s main features and benefits.

  • Best option for tandem carrying thanks to the intuitive yet simple design
  • Healthy weight distribution around the front and the back
  • Sturdy synthetic and cotton mix that offers a comfortable yet firm support
  • Ergonomic design that supports healthy spine and hip development
  • Adjustable straps that enable a custom fit regardless of the size of the parent
  • Compact design can collapse into a pocket, making it a good option for traveling
  • It’s more economical than buying two separate baby carriers

The Results

As the mother of two beautiful 7-month-old twins, you can’t even imagine the hurdles I go through each time one of my boys cries because they want to be held – and I’m already holding the other one.

The struggle is real because I’m aware that if I even dare to put the other one down, he’d also cry. Now, if my husband’s home, then that’s no problem; he’ll just pick up our other son. However, if he isn’t… well, that’s unfortunate.

Group Of People Carrying Their Children

I came across this model, and I swear I lit up like a Christmas tree; finally something to keep both my kids happy. I could “wear” my babies on me when I was going for grocery shopping, to church, the doctor’s, or simply running errands around my home.

It makes things much easier for me, to the point that I wear it several times a day.

This is extremely comfortable, and I don’t have any back problems because of the weight – like I feared I would have. The weight is well balanced, and I can easily go on for a couple of hours before putting them down.

I can also feel that it offers good support for my boys – especially their hips. Their legs would naturally snuggle against my waist, and I can rest assured that they will have enough support to prevent the apparition of hip dysplasia.

What Other People Say

Baby wearers can only praise this product. I’ve read some reviews from parents that not necessarily had twins, but two children that were close in age.

They loved the fact that you could turn it into two separate carriers so that each parent could “wear” one baby. It’s a very useful feature.

What We Like

We liked the fact that it’s very lightweight. Since you’ll already have the double baby weight to deal with, the last thing you’d want is to carry half your baby’s weight with just the baby carrier.

Plus, the thin straps make it breathable – and therefore, perfect for those hot summer days.

What We Don’t Like

It’s not really recommended for children younger than five months since it doesn’t offer much neck support. Let’s say that you’d be able to hold the front baby’s neck with your hands – but the one in the back won’t be that fortunate.

This can only be used if your babies are strong enough to support their own necks.

Buying Advice

For just a little over $200, this can be purchased from pretty much every online (or local) store that sells baby stuff. My recommendation, however, is that you go to Amazon and make your purchase.

TwinGo Original Baby Carrier


You have all the chances of catching it at a discount, but the best thing is that it offers free shipping – which I found very convenient.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this has been a lifesaver for me. I don’t need any extra help when it comes to putting my babies on, and it’s a very practical solution for keeping your babies happy for a while.

In the meantime, I can return to my “mommy things” as they strike “conversations” with each other over my shoulder.

I’d recommend this baby carrier for every parent struggling with two children of close age. As long as you have a bit of muscle mass, you could easily carry both children for an extended time.

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